This is why you hire people to hold certain things for you. In yet another legal altercation in the hip-hop world, Juvenile was arrested Thursday (Feb. 25) when police searched his home and found a small amount of marijuana. The New Orleans rapper was apparently stinking up the block when some irate neighbors snitched to the cops and ruined his afternoon.

The house, situated on Livingston Avenue in Arabi, St. Bernard Parish, was visited by police around 3PM local time. After a couple knocks, Leroy Edwards, one of the rapper's producers, opened the door and apparently let out a cloud of smoke 'Cheech and Chong' style. That's usually a poor move in this sort of situation.

Edwards wasn't into cooperating, so the cops went back and obtained a search warrant for the property. It's unclear how long this took, but they returned, entered and found a half an ounce of weed in the rapper's kitchen. Both Juvenile and Edwards were arrested and the Cash Money artist claimed that the drugs were under his possession.

Both men posted bond and were released as of yesterday evening. They are presumably hard at work installing a new insulation and air filtration system in the house. This marks Juvenile's second marijuana arrest, adding to an initial February 2008 encounter where his car was stopped in Jackson, Mississippi for expired tags. Ouch.