Many have lamented the demise of R&B over the past few years, but there has been a resurgence of promising vocal talent making waves as of late, one of those upstarts being Justine Skye. The 19-year-old singer is looking to prove her worth with her new single, "Bandit."

Produced by the Insomniaks, the song is a mid-tempo cut geared toward the dance floor and features Justine swagging all over the track with her feisty vocals. "You wanna go play right away, well I'm fine wit that / We smoke and drink all, baby, and I'm faded like / I can't remember yo name right away, what I'm tryna' say / I got that game change, I got that game change," she sings.

Powered by snare drums, kicks and synths, the beat is in line with the turn-up inspired tunes of today and is sure to induce a two-step or shimmy from even the shyest wallflower when caught off-guard. "You've been looking for the wrong one, baby / And I know what to do to make you go crazy," Justine delivers on the bridge, letting us know all of her dirty little secrets and how she'll snatch your heart like a bandit in the night.

"Bandit" will appear on her upcoming EP, Emotionally Unavailable.

Listen to Justine Skye's "Bandit"

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