He's done acting, he's co-owner of a web-based company and now he's dabbling in rap. Justin Timberlake is basically doing everything he can think of besides what his fans actually want. Sing already, Justin, sing!

After crashing their New York pop-up shows, JT joins hip-hop-rock act FreeSol -- they're signed to his Tennman record label -- on their new single and video 'Role Model.' But he's not crooning on the hook; Timberlake shows off his rhyming skills.

"I'm going hard like the opposite of soft/ Now clap for him ... applause." Well, that rhymes. "Maybe you're right maybe I'm an a--hole/ Oops, did I take it too far?/ Super Bowl," Justin spits referencing his Super Bowl XXXVIII nip-slip street cred and reminding us all that he exposed Janet Jackson's boob on national TV. Recognize!

"You need a role model? F--- it, you can play the role," he insists through an Auto-Tune haze. So at least there is one other thing Justin refuses to do besides grace us with a pop album after his never-ending hiatus from music. He refuses to be a role model, so take that!

Now the question is, will Justin hit back at his hip-hop haters and say he was never trying to be a serious rapper the way he called critics of his acting "f---ers", and claimed he was never planning on being a full-time actor?

Watch MC JT beat on his flannel vest-wearing chest, ride a bike through an alleyway and shoot free throws below!

Note: Video Contains Explicit Language

Watch FreeSol's 'Role Model' Feat. Justin Timberlake