In a new interview with MySpace -- which you might actually have to resign up for if you want to read -- Justin Timberlake expounds on his relationship with Jay-Z, whom he'll be touring with this summer.

"Jay-Z and I have known each other for a while," JT explains. "Always had a great relationship. And [Timbaland] and I were in the studio working on some stuff -- some potential stuff -- for Beyoncé, and Jay came in and we started messing around with stuff, and we worked on a handful of songs together."

Well, we know what one of them, "Suit & Tie," sounds like. Their chemistry on the record is evident.

"I think we're just kinda the same type of guy," says Justin. "He's very relaxed. Easy-going. 'Suit & Tie' came out of that -- we were just having fun. We had an extra room in the studio in New York, and I said, I want to do a dance record, but not like a 120 bpm dance record. I want to do like a Marvin Gaye 'Gotta Give It Up,' Curtis Mayfield, 'Move On Up.'"

How did they wind up on the Legends of Summer tour together, though?

"Jay approached me about it because I think the opportunity was coming up for him," Timberlake says. "I think he likes to do things for his fanbase that are special, as do I, and we just thought, we share the same producers [in] Pharrell and Chad [Hugo] and Tim. We share a lot of the same style, actually. I bet we share a lot of the same fans, you know what I mean? So it just became this idea, and we just started pitching the idea around and I just said, Yeah, man, I like that. I like that. That could be fun."

Timberlake thinks the tour will be a throwback of sorts.

"I remembered artists like Billy [Joel] and Elton [John] went on tour together and you just see them mash up their songs together, and I said, 'That's what it has to be,'" he says. "We have to just go out on stage for two hours and just nonstop, kill it and then go have a beer or whatever."

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