Just in case you can't get enough Justin Timberlake now that his new album's streaming ahead of its release, the two bonus tracks on the Target version have hit the 'net.

The tracks in question are 'Blindness' and 'Electric Lady,' the latter of which is definitely not a reference to Janelle Monae's new album of the same name. Instead, 'Electric Lady' is a water-y, slightly bouncy tune filled with references to how the woman who's caught his eye is electrifying. It would make for a cornier tune if Timbaland's beat wasn't so addictive, though lines like this might cause you to grin for the wrong reason: "I feel a jump, we get closer 'til we shock/ Turn it on and I'll touch it 'til it sparks."

Likewise, 'Blindness' is heavy on the wordplay, but it works even better than 'Electric Lady' because of the jazzy instrumental. This, too, was handled by Timbaland—he did the rest of 'The 20/20 Experience—2 of 2' for that matter—who delivers a jazzy, shuffling backdrop for JT's catchy vocals.

You can listen to the songs below. The album drops Sept. 30.

Justin Timberlake – 'Blindness'

Justin Timberlake – 'Electric Lady'