Singer and entrepreneur Justin Timberlake will leave his mark on a ton of music in 2015 -- just not in the way you'd expect him to. The pop icon just became a co-owner of AfterMaster Audio Labs, Inc., a subsidiary of Studio One Media Inc., a company that specializes in enhancing and re-mastering audio.

Don't expect to see "Beats By JT" headphones -- AfterMaster is a much more subtle brand. They produce licensable technology in the form of an embeddable chip for mobile devices, headphones, and televisions, as well as computer software. Expect to see products featuring the technology early next year.

Of Timberlake's involvement AfterMaster CEO Larry Ryckman had this to say, "Justin is an audiophile. He really understands quality audio, loves technology, completely understands audio and he's very powerful and respected in the entertainment community."

Full disclosure: We were tempted to use "Bringing techie back" or "Justin Techberlake" as a title for this article but decided against it. You're welcome.

[Via Mashable]