The old age, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree rings true for Diddy and Justin Combs. The rap mogul’s oldest son, who recently graduated from UCLA, has announced the launch of his new multimedia company called Tonite.

In an interview with Billboard, Justin talks about his brand new a multimedia and event production company, which he created with fellow UCLA alumni Kenechukwu​ "Kene" Orjioke and former Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones. The 22-year-old entrepreneur says his company will offer a new experience for partygoers who come to their private events.

"The goal for Tonite is to create an experience for our generation and to create the ultimate happy feeling, a high feeling, an ecstatic feeling, something they’ve never felt before when they come to one of our events," he said.

Justin plans to also help his dad promote his artists on Bad Boy Entertainment, which is now under Epic Records. The young businessman adds that he wants to bring a sensory experience to his events that will force people to be more interactive and not so much on their cell phones.

"I just feel like it’s time to just enjoy yourself and not focus on Snapchatting and the extra stuff," he explains. "We want our [events] to be so in the moment, you don’t bother picking up your phone. We want the youth and people to just get back to being in the moment, stop worrying about social media and how they look, and everything like that."

"It’s time to get back to people feel good and just enjoying themselves," he added. "So hopefully through the grace of God, we create that feeling and give that to people and bring that back to the culture."

Justin says that his father has offer plenty advice to him as he embarks on his new business venture.

"He openly talks about his failure more than his successes and it got him to where he is today," he says. "He’s like, 'Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be scared to take a chance and just go with what you want.'"