Earlier this month we told you about Raaaaaaaandy, the hip-hop alter-ego of comedian Aziz Ansari. Raaaaaaaandy, who is prepping a mixtape, leaked the diss track 'Aaaaaaaangry' and followed up with a viral video that playfully accused teen heartthrob Justin Bieber of smoking weed and stealing the concept to the hit 'Baby,' which Raaaaaaaandy allegedlly penned.

A hip-hop fan himself, Bieber appeared on Tim Westwood's popular BBC Radio 1Xtra show recently to spit some hot bars for the U.K., where his album 'My World' has gone silver. In the rap he addresses the weed allegations and displays his flow prowess.

"ATL baby is where I reside/ I'm a young white rapper and I don't get high" began the young Island Records artist, who was signed after YouTube videos of his singing went viral.

"Teenage girls is what I really like/ And I'm still a young boy but I'm still so fly," Bieber rhymed, with a Lil Wayne lilt. "Yeah, see my smile, caught on the camera/ Drink a Red Bull, grew wings see the stamina/ Shout out to my boys, yeah they up there in Canada/ I used to live there til moved to Atlanta/ Where the girls are so hot, yeah the girls are fine too/ Catching Bieber fever, forget the swine flu."

The 16-year old Usher affiliate has already gone platinum in the U.S., and has all the makings of a star. "I'm just a pop singer," Bieber humbly demured at the end of his freestyle shenanigans on Westwood's show.

Check a clip of Justin's rhymes after the jump.