Even the most committed Justin Bieber critics have found it hard to deny the kid's recent string of releases, especially with mature R&B efforts like 'Hold Tight.' Now, as he wraps up his long-running '#MusicMondays' series, the Canadian crooner links up with Chicago wunderkid Chance The Rapper for 'Confidence.'

A charming tribute to females? Check. An unlikely collaboration? Definitely. A surprisingly good one at that? Absolutely. As the springy bass makes your speakers bounce, it becomes immediately apparent Chance's influence was more about just being a buzzed-about rapper to give a pop star some underground credibility.

Naturally, the Biebz enjoys starter minutes on this track, waving a soothing and seductive salute to girls who got it. But his romantic rhymes seem to rub off on his counterpart, who arrives late off the bench to deliver his own goofy and quick-witted (but disappointingly brief) tribute to the ladies.

Young Chance has racked up an awful lot of accolades in his early, sensational career -- including touring with Eminem, covering Complex Magazine and dropping what many consider to be the best mixtape of the year with 'AcidRap' -- but this Justin Bieber track is his biggest look yet (as far as the mainstream audience goes, anyway).

Best of all: we can rest assured knowing he didn't sell himself short in doing so.

Listen to Justin Bieber's 'Confident' Featuring Chance The Rapper