Last week, Justin Bieber sampled Craig David's 'Fill Me In' for the Music Monday standout 'Recovery.' For his latest entry, the multi-platinum artist reached even further back to provide the backdrop for heartache.

The singer samples 's famed 1993 hit 'It Was a Good Day' on the ironically titled 'Bad Day,' in which Bieber experiences an emotionally trying 24 hours.

"Never thought a love like yours could leave me all alone / Didn't waste any time / Like you had already made up your mind / No sympathy / 'Cause I was out of line," Bieber sings as he dives into falsetto on this short track.

Perhaps the song would've been better titled 'Bad Days,' because this is Bieber's fifth track that revolves around the idea of heartbreak. The stylized rain cloud on the single cover fits the tone of this moody tune.

Bieber's Music Monday series is intended to continue until December.

Listen to Justin Bieber's 'Bad Day'