Still have boring old t-shirts that doesn't include music from your favorite artist? No fear: Mos Def is rectifying this situation with the release of his new album 'The Ecstatic' via a wearable piece of clothing.

Due July 7 at, the t-shirt has the album art on the front and the track list on the back, presumably so you can (visually) broadcast to whoever you're around what they should be listening to. Each t-shirt comes with a tag that hooks you up with a download of the entire album, ensuring that you're not just some sort of Mos Def poser.

This isn't the first time Mos has teamed up with a fashion line; last year, he teamed up with Philadelphia clothing line UNDRCRWN for a series of 'Watermelon Syndicate' t-shirts, where Mos drew inspiration from Dead Prez and his perception of African American culture.

For the next move, may we suggest making actual t-shirts that play the tunes? Boomboxes just aren't out there as much as they used to be, making those beats on the street sparse.