Just BlazeJust Blaze is a national treasure for many reasons. A blockbuster producer that actually deserves his renown, Blaze, real name Justin Smith, already has enough imitators to keep on their toes. When he recently caught wind of someone making shady deals using his name, enough was enough. Just Blaze hit the phones and interrogated the fake doppelganger before putting him on blast.

How did he find out? Apparently, this fake little dork posed as Just Blaze to sell beats and do general business. When a duped artist tried to call the fraud up at the real Blaze's Baseline Studios, the whole con came to light rather quickly. With video rolling and a Twitter post ready, the real Blaze wiped away his fake version.

"Is this Just Blaze," asks the real Blaze.

"How'd you get my f----- number," the fraud replies.

"You been busted!" Blaze says. "You are not Just Blaze!"

The back-and-forth is truly hilarious. After the laughing parties at Baseline call the dude out on his Southern accent and explain the real Just Blaze is from New Jersey, the fraud quickly switches gears and takes on what he thinks is a very New York-sounding affectation. More laughter ensues.

By the end, the fraud is put in his place, yet this entire scene underscores a major problem in the hip-hop world right now. With many actual producers and rappers living a heightened Internet presence, there are many impersonators looking to cash-in and make a quick buck by duping unsuspecting artists. Random rapper, Just Blaze isn't going to just sell you a beat over the phone. Be smart.