L.A. hip-hop crew Jurassic 5 are no strangers to eclectic festival bills, having performed for Vote for Change in 2004 with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, James Taylor, Eddie Vedder and Bonnie Raitt. "I was looking around on that stage like, 'What am I doing here?'" confesses the band's Marc 7even. The group will again cross genres when they appear at this year's Vegoose festival with Tom Petty, the Killers and more.

AOL Music asked Soup and Marc of the group, presently on tour and riding high with the single 'Work It Out' (which features a boost from fellow Vote for Change alum Dave Matthews) which acts would be on their dream bills.

"Barry White, Smokey Robinson, Patti LaBelle, Bob Marley and Teddy Pendergrass," says Marc.

As for Soup? "The early Jacksons, when everybody was still black," he says. "I would put Otis Redding, Al Green, Parliament -- so people can kind of trip out -- and James Brown."