Juicy J's career rebirth has been nothing short of impressive as the Three 6 Mafia co-founder regularly crafts new hit records. It appears that Juicy J may have another one on his hands with the new song 'Holy Ghost' featuring budding star Lil Bibby.

The Memphis native's latest club anthem declares that "these chicks shaking ass like they caught the holy ghost" over a pounding beat crafted by Juicy J, Crazy Mike and Lil Awree. Juicy delivers some solid verses, but Chicago's Lil Bibby makes the most of his opportunity and stands out on the track.

"When I walked through, ho shaking ass, I'm the man Lil Bibby / And I move like got a couple killers and a lot of dollars with me / Throw my L's up high, yea, I rep that s--- / Did a lot of dirt, don't regret that s--- / Catch a flight, no luggage, man I left that s--- / N----s hate on they partner, I don't sweat that s--- / N----s talk, I swear y'all n----s feel awesome / Drive by in a foreign whip, they walking / Yo main chick on me, she's stalking, quit calling," Bibby raps.

Juicy J is currently working on a new album titled 'Pure THC: The Hustle Continues,' which is tentatively scheduled to drop in September.

Listen to Juicy J's 'Holy Ghost' Feat. Lil Bibby