It's been about a year since Eminem returned from the abyss and he's clearly getting hotter in a grasp at returning to his former dominant self. On the heels of the rapper's popular 'Drop The World' feature on Lil Wayne's mostly disappointing 'Rebirth' excursion, Juelz Santana is now stepping up to the plate and clamoring for a feature from Slim Shady.

"Eminem is my n----," said Santana in a broadcast on UStream. "Seriously, that's what I been trying to get on the 'Rap Cemetery' with me and Weezy, Eminem because he puts n----- in the rap cemetery for real."

'Rap Cemetery' is the title for Santana's forthcoming official album, but its actual release should be expected much later this year. He still owes fans the 'Reagan Era' mixtape, which is currently in progress. Over the past few months, Santana has dropped some crazy guest verses on tracks like the NYC car stereo dominating 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley'. He knows Em is hot right now, so he hopes to convince the rapper that a guest spot will be a worthwhile endeavor. Santana's even willing to sacrifice some pride to get it done.

"Em, holla at me, get at me, what's up? I'm here," the Dipset native continued. "That's the only n---- I really, you know, that I'll get on a UStream or anywhere like, 'Yo, I need to holler at Em.' I f--- with Em hard body, matter of fact, I might have to call Weezy up and have him connect the dots for me. They just put that little nice f------ 'Drop The World' on you..."