Juelz Santana owes nearly $700,000 to the bank after a judge issued a final foreclosure on his luxury condo in New Jersey.

According to Bossip, court documents reveal that the Dipset member hasn't paid his mortgage in three years. He had a chance to counter the decision but Santana didn't show up to court.

Santana, who's real name is LaRon James, bought the home 11 years ago but Wells Fargo claims that he stopped paying the $3,754 mortgage in November of 2013.

Perhaps this will be the perfect time for a Dipset reunion for the 34-year-old rhymer to rack up some cash. The reunion has been the a talk of the town since the group got together to release "Have My Money" last year, which is also an ironic song title for the situation now.

Santana is not the only rapper going through financial problems. Lil Kim's $3 million mansion could go into foreclosure after failing to pay her monthly mortgage payments. Although unlike Santana, the Queen Bee will have a chance to plead her case next month in court for a mediation hearing.

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