After hitting peak popularity back in mid-2000, Harlem's notorious Dipset gang began the fade from glory when their ringleader Cam'ron allegedly lost his screws. Since Cam's shady stunts, all efforts to reunite the squad were a failure and have pushed the former crew members even further apart. Even as recently as last week, former Dipset member Hell Rell officially took his beef with Jim Jones to court, filing a lawsuit against El Capo, for copyright infringement.

But despite all the public battles and financial disputes, for some Dipset-alums like Juelz Santana, the end of an era also signaled the end of close friendships. On the verge of releasing his third solo LP, 'Born to Lose, Built to Win', Santana took some time to reflect on his past and told Complex magazine that he learned some serious life lessons during his fallout with his former boss and friend Cam'ron. "Don't be blind to nothing. I learned that from the situation that happened with me and Cam," he said. "For me to feel like this is my brother and for us not to come to an agreement, that made me feel like, 'Was it always just business?' That's what made it hurt a little more."

Santana said that although he's still puzzled by the way things ended between him and Cam'ron, he holds no hard feelings, and plans to set a better example, especially with his new Skull Gang crew. "But I still wish him the best; I still got genuine love," he said. "I was just an artist before and the boss had to deal with me. Now it's a bit different because I have to make sure I give people the right advice, never take things personal, and never be a dictator. So even when I tell people what I believe in, I tell them, 'This may not work for you.' I treat it like we're all our own boss. I'm just the overseer. No one above no one-we all equal."

'Born to Lose, Built to Win' is slated for a late 2009 release on Def Jam Records.