Ever since news broke that Amber Rose was divorcing Wiz Khalifa over alleged infidelity, the opinions on social media have been pouring in. On Thursday (Sept. 25), rapper Juelz Santana jumped on Twitter to share his point of view on the matter.

The Dipset artist is hoping Rose can forgive Khalifa and try to work on their marriage. Oddly enough, Santana compared their situation to that of the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X by tweeting about their alleged cheating ways. Both men have been accused of having affairs on their wives, but there hasn't been any hard evidence to prove those facts.

No disrespect to Santana but that kind of logic is far-fetched. Plus, erroneously using MLK and Malcolm as examples for Rose and Khalifa's failed marriage doesn't make any sense.

In reality, infidelity shouldn't be tolerated in a marriage -- period. Granted, people make mistakes, but this is an egregious lapse of judgment on Wiz's part if Rose's claims are true. We're just saying.

Twitter users took Santana to task for suggesting that Rose should stay in the marriage despite Khalifa cheating on her. There were also some who foolishly believe that because MLK and Malcolm purportedly cheated on their wives they were assassinated. Santana made it clear to his followers that is incorrect.

Finally, Santana had a message for the thots who may have been voicing their opinions on Rose's impending divorce.

"I see a lot of THOTS takin Shots Smh Lets b Real Y'all the New N----z...," he wrote.

What do you think? Should Amber Rose reconcile with Wiz Khalifa despite his infidelity? Tell us in the comments below.

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