Rapper Josh Baze pulls out a vintage ride and a gorgeous gal for his latest video, "She's Gold," a song featured on his debut album, Hi-Heels & Low-Lifes. The Brooklyn native has a penchant for the DeLorean, the car famously featured in the classic film, "Back to the Future," and which also gets shine in Baze's Ben Watts-directed visuals.

Fans can expect to see a vibrant storyline unfold when the video debuts. "It's just something that's totally left-field; we wanted to shoot something that had more of a meaning," Baze tells The BoomBox. "It's... artsy, and where I came from. It's more of the colorful side of love instead of it being the downside."

Take a peek at what Baze has in store below. "She's Gold" debuts later this week.

Watch Josh Baze Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look at His "She's Gold" Video

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