John Legend may still be capturing our ears with 'Wake Up!' -- his political covers record with The Roots -- but that doesn't mean he's not forging ahead on a new solo joint. Wanting to keep it in the family, Legend has just announced that longtime collaborator and G.O.O.D. Music head honcho Kanye West will be producing his next LP. That still-untitled record, his fourth, comes after Legend's recent contributions to Yeezy's 'Power (Remix)' and is the latest in a long line of work between the two that goes as far back as West's 'College Graduation' debut in 2004.

"I'm starting the next solo album now," Legend told Billboard in a recent interview. "Kanye and I are executive producing together. I also worked on Kanye's album a little bit, on the 'POWER' remix and other stuff. But God only knows what Kanye is actually going to put on the album and what's going to be on the other five-song album he's putting out."

Recently, Legend and West might have offered a unique preview of their current tastes in a secret show under the guise of Kanye's Rosewood Movement. At the all-suited affair, Legend played the piano like he was holding down an old school cabaret night while Ye worked magic on the iconic MPC beat machine and sampler.