Like many contemporary artists John Legend has been an avid Barack Obama supporter and with only six days left before Election the crooner, along with a slew of other celebrities, are voicing their sponsorship of the Democratic Presidential candidate. "A lot of young people in general, not just R&B and hip-hop artists, feel like this is the first candidate that really represents us, who understands us and is really focused on the future," Legend told the BoomBox. "He's inspiring ... he communicates in a way we really connect to. And that's why so many young people are flocking to the candidacy -- they're so inspired. That's why they're volunteering, that's why they're voting in numbers that they haven't done before. It's a pretty exciting time."

The singer has been active in Obama's campaign and recorded the track 'If You're Out There,' which Legend performed at the Democratic National Convention. The track boasts the powerful and thought provoking lyrics: "The future started yesterday and we're already late." The song acts as a call to all those concerned with our future as a nation of people suffering through economic strife and war. The singer-songwriter was also featured in the collage-style video 'Yes We Can,' which he and performed at the close of the DNC.

"People really realize that it's a time for change, and there's a sense of urgency that our environmental issues are not going to go away, our energy crisis is not going to go away, the war in Iraq is not going to go away, the economic troubles are not going to go away," Legend said. "We need to elect a leader who's going to really work to solve these issues and be bold with solutions. But particularly, young people are responding to the message that Barack has because they feel like he gets it."