John Legend may have just released his 'Live From Philadelphia' collection, but the soul singer is already looking ahead. "I'm working on a new studio album, and it'll be out in September. I'm very excited about it," Legend tells the BoomBox. "I already got some really cool stuff."

It's easy to see where Legend's excitement comes from. The crooner has already tapped some major talent for his forthcoming collection. "I got a song with Andre 3000. I've just done a song with Will.I.Am that I really love. I'm working with Kanye [West]. I worked with Pharrell already," the singer boasts.

Meanwhile, the singer admits that his 'Live' album taught him a thing or two about what his fans want and expect. "I learn more being onstage and seeing how the crowd reacts to songs" Legend says. "It's good for me to see how a crowd reacts to songs because it helps you think about writing songs to make sure there's something there they can respond to in a live environment."