John Legend and The Roots took over Terminal 5 in New York City on Thursday night (Sept. 23) to premiere their collaborative covers album 'Wake Up!' with the help of some surprise guests. Common and Melanie Fiona appeared on stage for their feature on the joint-album's title-track, while Estelle joined the Roots when they took it back to their classic 1999 track 'You Got Me' and Jennifer Hudson assisted Legend on a cover of Walter Hawkins' 'Be Grateful.'

Spike Lee -- who calls 'Wake Up' a "one-of-a-kind collaboration" (The BoomBox agrees) -- directed the live-stream of the show that was broadcast on YouTube and music video site Vevo. The concert will stream in its entirety again on Saturday, Sept. 25 at 4PM ET. Watch the Spike Lee- directed performances of 'I Can't Write Left-Handed' and 'Compared to What' from Terminal 5 after the jump.

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'Wake Up!' -- which was released on September 21 -- features soulful renditions of classic '60s and '70s songs, in addition to the original track 'Shine.' Legend and The Roots stopped by our Manhattan studio earlier this month to take over AOL Sessions and perform 'Shine,' along with 'Wake Up,' 'Little Ghetto Boy' and 'Hard Times.' "The idea of me and The Roots collaborating is going to be interesting to some people that may not have always had their ears perk up for a John Legend album, or to some people who's ears didn't perk up for a Roots album," Legend told The BoomBox. "It may grab an audience that might not have bought either of our albums individually."