Carmine GottiSomething tells us Carmine Gotti's grandfather wouldn't approve of his career moves, but that's not stopping him. The young reality star with royal mobster blood has shunned the image portrayed on his recent TV joint, 'Growing Up Gotti,' and is now embarking on a music career. He's currently working on setting up a record deal and recently made cameos in videos from Fat Joe and Khia.

"I don't do rap, I do pop music," explained Gotti to the New York Daily News. "If I had to put a name of it, I would call it hip-pop, if anything. I like to stay in my own lane."

While he comes from the family of one of the more name-checked icons in hip-hop, Gotti has taken a slow road to fame thus far. He's spent approximately three years working on his debut album at Powerhouse Studios in Yonkers, N.Y. -- a complex made famous by DMX and his Ruff Ryders crew. He expects the record, which does indeed feature a tribute to his grandfather, to come out this summer and describes his sound as Fabolous meets Justin Timberlake.

"It wasn't something that came overnight. It wasn't something that was handed to me ... " said Gotti. "My album is more focused on the club scene, and mostly focuses on women. I want to surprise everybody."