Joey Bada$$ first surfaced on the scene via mixtapes such as his acclaimed '1999' project, but the Brooklyn rapper now has his sights set on higher plateaus, which he hopes to reach with his debut LP, 'B4.DA.$$.'

The album, slated to drop on Jan. 20, 2015, will feature production by DJ Premier, Hit-Boy and Statik Selektah, among others. To whet fans' appetite for new music, the Brooklynite has released a new track from the album, 'Curry Chicken.'

The Statik Selektah-produced track opens with a female speaking on the perceptions people have about Joey post-rap fame. He speaks on his intentions to rape the game, spitting, "But I know one day that I'm earning me some platinum and some gold / And all them labels could just reimburse this d--- in they dome."

The song also finds Joey speaking fondly of his mother's sacrifices and his eternal appreciation. "And to my momma, oh no, your purses will never run low / No more, 'cause back when I was four and we was poor, you would purchase the store," he raps.

Props are also given to his father on the second verse, as well as his mother's homemade curry chicken, effectively tying in a theme for the song that speaks to his West Indian heritage and gives an authentic glimpse into his home life.

Powered by dusty drums, xylophones, horns and soulful background vocals, 'Curry Chicken' is a hearty meal for the musical soul and is sure to ramp up anticipation for Bada$$' long-awaited debut album.

Listen to Joey Bada$$' 'Curry Chicken'

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