Joell Ortiz is certainly one of Brooklyn's finest and it seems that he is keeping close with the familial spirit of his New York City borough. Yesterday, the Slaughterhouse member posted a few tidbits to his Twitter that rose some eyebrows. The first is that Ortiz, who today released his long-awaited 'Free Agent' LP via E1 even though it leaked three months ago, has recorded a track with a local prodigy producer named Lil BQE. He posted a picture from the session and made the claim that Lil BQE is only 8-years-old.

Could this be real? Well, totally! BQE, who takes his name after the ever-congested freeway that connects Brooklyn and Queens, is apparently a young wizkid on the MPC. Here's a video of him showing off his skills. Not only can the kid make a dope beat, but he is legitimately repping the musical history of Brooklyn with its classic soul swells and boom-bap drums.

Later in the day, Ortiz posted an plaque that he had received from the city of Hoboken, NJ. Apparently, the wordsmith has done some recent volunteer work and has had a "positive impact on the youth." We wouldn't expect anything less from Ortiz and look forward to his future exploits. Yaowa indeed!