The rap feud between Joe Budden and Drake has become a tired subject matter at this point, but it was revisited on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning radio program on Friday (Aug. 12).

The Slaughterhouse rapper was grilled by Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez over his one-sided feud with Drizzy. Throughout the discussion, Budden maintains that he has moved and is done with dropping diss songs about him.

“It’s been a non-issue for me,” he said. “It’s been dead for me. At this point, it’s the fans and the media that’s keeping this going. I don’t have any more bars for him. Well, I do.”

Budden also wanted to clarify that he wasn't trying to ruin Drake's career - for him it's all about bars and nothing else.

“I didn’t say I would ruin Drake,” he stated. “Drake is a superstar, a pop superstar. He has transcended hip-hop. There’s nothing that anybody in hip-hop can do singlehandedly to ruin him. Nobody’s oblivious to that."

Afterward, the discussion turned left when Ebro addressed the firing of his I’ll Name this Podcast Later co-host Marisa Mendez, who also works at Hot 97 and was in the room as well. As the conversation grew into his past disagreements with Rosenberg, who helped launch I’ll Name this Podcast Later, Budden was tired of the pointed attacks at him and left the room.

“Next time I come here for an interview, send my manager the talk points,” he said. “I didn’t know that this would be a complete waste of time.”

Watch Joe Budden pull a quasi-Birdman and tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

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