It's been a hectic 24 hours for Joe Budden. The New Jersey rhymer was formally charged with robbery and grand larceny in New York on Wednesday (Aug. 27).

According to, the Slaughterhouse artist surrendered to authorities on charges stemming from an incident last week in which he allegedly stole his ex-girlfriend's cell phone. He was also accused of beating her, although he wasn't charged with assault by the police.

While in custody, Budden was able to tweet from his jail cell much to the delight of his followers.

"So.... There is wifi here by the way," he tweeted, according to, before adding, "Let this be a lesson to all... never steal a cell phone that's in your name. Smh... Justice will be served."

Budden was released on Thursday morning (Aug. 28) on $20,000 bail. The rapper then posted an Instagram video of himself driving in a car after his release. While driving in his ride, Budden informing his followers in the caption that he'll be at the strip club later in the evening.

"What I'm on today..... #TwentyKCashBail #StripClubLater #CuzICan," he wrote.

Budden's attorney had no comment on the matter.