Joe Budden is a happy guy after clearing up the legal case against him. On Thursday (March 3), the New Jersey native pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and had his domestic violence charge dismissed.

The case stems from a 2014 incident in which Budden is accused of stealing his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone and allegedly beating her. The Slaughterhouse member appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court, donning a Burberry scarf, where he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct as well as driving without a license.

According to Page Six, Budden joked with court photographers telling them, “Get my good side" and waving. During the hearing the judge issued an order of protection prohibiting Budden from contacting the alleged victim. Budden also had to pay a $75 fine for the traffic infraction.

Outside of the courtroom, Budden's attorney, Nima Ameri, wanted to make it clear that his client wasn't charged with any serious crime. “After a long investigation, there was no indictment against Joe,” he told the media.

Meanwhile, Budden used Twitter to celebrate his vindication and delivered a cautionary message. "Let this be a lesson to all...Gotta watch these hoes...They’ll catch u up if u let 'em," he tweeted. Read his tweets below: