Joe Budden is never one to hold his tongue. After directly tweeting (but later deleting said tweet) to Kendrick Lamar, "u my n---a 4 life bro... But u gon learn today," in response to his well-debated verse on Big Sean's 'Control (HOF),' the world eagerly waited to hear from the Slaughterhouse MC.

Days passed and there was no sign of a new Budden track, but it appears Sophisticated Ignorance got their hands on the New Jersey native's response and accordingly freed it from its proverbial shackles. The biggest surprise about Joey's reply to Kendrick, however, is that Kendrick isn't even the main target.

"This ain't at Kendrick Lamar/The n---a Kendrick got bars/I heard his s--t and wasn't offended at all," he raps. That's not entirely true as Budden later rescinds K. Dot's "King of New York" claim by referencing Biggie, but it's a number of other new school rappers that feel the sharp end of Joey's rhymes: Trinidad Jame$, A$AP Rocky and Joey Bada$$ (it's probably not a coincidence it's the three dudes with dollar signs in their names).

Two-thirds of Budden's victims took it upon themselves to respond. The Pro Era frontman, as he's done numerously throughout this 'Control' mania, took to Twitter to vent the feelings he so obviously caught. Meanwhile, Trinidad showed his understated genius by sharing a link to an interview in which Joe Budden says the 'All Gold Everything' rapper is "taking the nation by storm!"

Listen to Joe Budden's 'Control' freestyle below.