Today Joe Budden went in on the new Superhead, Kat Stacks, after she propositioned him via Twitter. We can't post all the tweets, but hilarity was definitely involved. "@ihatekatstacks u probably chasin your p--sy around the house right now, talmbout, "get back here, we got s--t to do," Budden began. Your p--sy start singin when u wake up ?? your p--sy is the 6th heartbeat ?? i'm hatin cuz your p--sy be on tour more than me .... your s--t bout to get a deal ?? b--ch look like Wednesday from the Adams family .. how u live in Miami but u pale ?? the Sun is mad at your p--sy ??" Pretty good jokes, Mouse.[MouseBudden]

Your homegirl Ke$ha is receiving a lot of hate for her recent Saturday Night Live appearance, which many have dubbed the worst ever. We don't judge, but we dug what she said in response to the haterz. "I actually don't read anything, because I feel like the haters really like to hate out loud, [and] that people who love sometimes love quietly. So I don't really listen or look at anything," she told MTV. "[But] in general, f--k the cynics. Go be cynical. ... I'm having a good time. Like, who would you rather hang out with: that cynical dude or, like, me with my laser beams?" That is the best quote ever. Game over. Also, she has a dollar sign in her name, and that is pretty embarrassing. [MTV]