It appears that Joe Budden is once again involved in a Twitter beef.

The punchline rapper, who most recently sparred with NBA player Glen "Big Baby" Davis, former partner Fabolous and former label Amalgam Digital via the social networking service, is at it again after being called out by Byrd Gang rapper Shoota.

Apparently unprovoked, the Harlem rapper ridiculed Budden, tweeting that his fans are "computer programmers," and that he looks like "fake ass swiss beatz."

While it is unclear why Shoota chose Budden as a target, his barbs struck a chord, as Budden responded in kind, teasing Shoota for his long locks. "Shut yo b---- a-- up," Budden tweeted. "U tryin' 2 audition 4 1 of those Jet magazine silky hair ads?" Budden continued to diss Shoota, calling him a "firefox stick up kid," "safari shooter," and "windows warrior," before admonishing him to "log off n----."

In response, Shoota then threatened to smack Budden, tweeting "I'll see you one day. I'm not gonna shoot you just smack you on twitvid p----!! Then ya followers will really laugh."

Though Budden quit responding, the Dipset-affiliated rapper continued, posting over a dozen more Budden-related updates. "Aside from the fact tht I will smack @, his raps suck!! Nothing to do with what goes on these streets," Shoota wrote. "But I will let ya mother suck my d--- while ya son twit vids that." Twitter brings the worst out of people.

The latest installment of Budden's popular 'Mood Muzik' series, 'Mood Muzik 4: A Turn 4 The Worst' is scheduled for an October 26 release.