DeVante Swing, founding member of classic '90s R&B group Jodeci, is in big trouble. The 41-year-old singer was arrested in Burbank, Calif. this past Sunday after showing up at a Subway restaurant while heavily under the influence of alcohol, unable to walk straight and crashing into tables in the establishment.

Police arrived and hauled him off to jail for public drunkenness when a concerned patron called and reported his actions at around 5PM. DeVante, whose real name is Donald DeGrate Jr., spent six hours in jail until the cops determined that he had finally sobered up. He was released from the facility at around 11PM, and will not be charged with a crime.

DeVante isn't the only Jodeci member needing to clean up his act. K-Ci & Jo Jo, who performed with the group before breaking off and finding success on their own, star on the TV One series 'K-Ci & Jo Jo ... Come Clean' where they live together for the first time and battle their substance addictions. Flags were raised in August 2008, when JoJo passed out during a performance in Sydney, Australia.

As a group, Jodeci became one of the most successful R&B groups of the 1990s. Formed in 1990, the quartet released their triple platinum debut 'Forever My Lady' in 1991, following with '93's double platinum 'Diary of a Mad Band' and '95's double platinum 'The Show, the After Party, the Hotel.' The group went their separate ways in the late '90s, only to recently reunite on H-Town's "Knockin' Your Heels."

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