It seems like eons in Internet time since Joaquin Phoenix grew a gigantic beard and went on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' to pull off one of the show's strangest appearances in years. The whole excuse behind that situation was that Phoenix had quit acting to become a hip-hop star and was being filmed for a new documentary. It appears that wasn't as ridiculous as it sounded at the time. Casey Affleck, his brother-in-law and the film's apparent director, debuted the film during a lunch meeting with Hollywood buyers on May 5. reports that those present at the screening were sworn to secrecy about the film's content in order to maintain maximum shock value and publicity when the documentary finally gears up to hit theaters. What's unclear is if Phoenix was serious about any of this or if that time frame was essentially the performance of a lifetime. Around the time of his Letterman appearance, Phoenix also appeared at LAVO, a Las Vegas nightclub, where he claimed to be a homeless rapper, leapt around the stage and then fell to the ground.

WME (William Morris Endeavor), a prominent Hollywood agency, is selling the film, but it doesn't appear the biggest priority as the company is bypassing it during its annual sales push at the Cannes Film Festival.