If rapper-turned preacher Mase plans on working with Jim Jones on new music, he's going to have to speak to him face to face. According to Jones, he and Mase are no longer rivals but need to have a conversation in person before moving forward.

"I spoke to him," he said in an interview. "I guess he's trying to do some music and I told him for me to participate in any plan that he got, he [has to] sit down in front of me and explain it to me because I can't hear it over the phone. I just [want to] have a conversation, [the last time we spoke] was a long time ago. So I'm not just [going to] be MP3ing back and forth no verses just because somebody all of a sudden jumped out of the blue and wants to do some music. It's no disrespect to nobody, [talking in person] would be a cool thing to do."

Jones first reached out to Mase last June, calling in to his phone interview on a New York radio station. "I just wanted to tell you I tip my hat to you. I apologize for everything I did when I was younger," he said. "You already know [Mase] Betha, it's nothing but love. I'm jumping off the line. I'll holla."

Born Mason Betha, the Harlem rapper abruptly left the spotlight at the height of his fame to pursue a higher calling, becoming a preacher. He returned to the rap game in 2004 with the album 'Welcome Back.' The 34-year-old is said to prepping his forthcoming release.