Rapper Jim Jones is being sued by producer Christopher R. Liggio (Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Ludacris) for allegedly sampling Liggio's copyrighted song without permission. Implicit music companies Entertainment One, Sally Ruth Esther Inc., Universal Music Publishing, Songs of Universal Inc. and Pookitoots LLC are also named in the lawsuit.

In a suit filed in New York's federal court this week, Liggion claims that Jim Jones and Ashanti's original vocals are layered over his music on the hard-driven break-up track 'Changing the Locks.'

Liggio claims that instead of contacting him, Jim Jones lifted the music and added a co-author and producer credit in the song's liner notes. Liggio is demanding $150,000 for the use of the copyrighted composition and $150,000 for use of the copyrighted sound recording, as well as the fees and costs of legal representation.

This is the second time the Harlem rapper has been in legal hot water this year. In February, he was sued by two women who were featured topless in his 'Summertime' video without their consent. "It was supposed to be fun and natural," stated the victims, who knew they were being filmed but weren't expecting to end up in a music video clip. "But then you have someone who turns it into a rap video, which is totally unacceptable... It makes me look like I'm a h--."

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