Harlem rapper Jim Jones waltzed into a New York precinct Monday afternoon to discuss an incident that caused a bit of a stir over the holidays. According to reports, Jones sat down with investigators to give his side of the story.

The Diplomats Capo was allegedly involved in an altercation with Ne-Yo at the Louis Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue in New York on Christmas Eve. The blogosphere was a buzz when word got out that Jones, Ne-Yo and a Jay-Z associate were allegedly brawling in the designer's New York flagship location.

Jones walked out of the 18th precinct a free man, but he was issued a Desk Appearance Ticket for the misdemeanor assault charge. "I don't know what this is for," Jones said when asked about the scuffle. "All I know is I was shopping. I don't know what happened."

Jones is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 4 and his latest project, 'Pray for Reign,' drops on Feb. 20.

"I really think I'm standing in the way of my own self," he said. "I don't believe it's nobody else but me that's gonna f--- my career up, and I don't wanna see that happen. ... I'm done with beefs this year. I'm just gonna become a rapper. I'm just like Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer. I am a rapper. Leave me alone. I am defenseless. It's to a point now if you slap me and I slap you back, you'll be able to sue me."

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