A couple of weeks back we wrote about Jim Jones' foray into hipsterdom with his Kid Cudi remix, and now, inevitably, he has released a remix of MGMT's 'Electric Feel,' a song that ranks among Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E.' and Peter Bjorn & John's 'Young Folks' amongst the phalanx of recent hipster favorites (we like the song too).

As for the story behind the collaboration; "They did a show up in Washington Heights," Jones told GQ.com. "The initial conversation was just that it was an honor to meet them. I think they're kinna cool. And from there it lead into me saying 'It'd be crazy if I remixed 'Electric Feel.'' They were like, 'Yeah, that would be crazy.' So I said, 'Let me get the beats and s---.'"

Jones version of the story is slightly different than the blogosphere's. We heard from a source that he was remixing the track long before the MGMT show. Anyway, the "remix" will be featured on Jim's forthcoming album 'Pray IV Reign,' which also features "Etherboy" Ron Browz' 'Pop Champagne,' another song that Jones somehow managed to snatch up.

"Everything is not about Hip Hop." the scarfed one further explained to GQ, "I'll do a country song if it sounds good. I'm not forcing myself on nothin', but if a record sounds good it sounds good." And then your song will end up becoming a Jim Jones song featuring you, just like Ron Browz. Note to young rappers/musicians. All your songs for the rest of '08 are Jimmy's.

Listen to the Jim Jones' 'Electric Feel' remix here.