Jim Jones stopped by Shade 45's Lip Service radio show Monday night, dropping some jewels about how he's "not a rapper," while promoting his new album 'Mob.' Of course the Capo can't go anywhere without saying something about somebody, so he found time to throw a little jab at Jay-Z in a freestyle, saying: "New York been soft since Jay-Z fell off/But uh, I'm getting money/See me, I'm well off/It's like oops, the Kuf and roof fell off"

When questioned, he explained that he's been "off for a year and some change, I been lettin' n----- breathe. It ain't been no trouble been caused in the game...but I'm back...Don't keep running around with all this fake jewelry and all this type a s--- here, you n----- ain't sellin' that many records...you n----- ain't gettin' no work and no weight like that, stop lyin!" Which could have been directed at, oh, anybody.

Listen to two clips from the show below.