Jim Jones really walks the walk when it comes to giving back to New York City's children. After recently teaching his first high school class on the music business -- one session of which featured The BoomBox's own esteemed editor Tracey Ford -- the king of Harlem took a trip to the Bronx on Saturday to distribute iPods and laptops to underprivileged children. Their reaction, not surprisingly, was nothing short of ecstatic.

"Let's put a smile on my face for the day," he instructed the kids as they repeated his words. "I love my life. That's the theme of the day, right? I cherish my life, ya heard?"

Jones led volunteers in helping distribute Apple laptops and iPod Touch MP3 players to a series of students. It appears that the rest received some cool shirts and hoodies in addition to a true day to remember. This is really the sort of work that doesn't end up on the nightly news or making morning newspapers, but it's an important charitable move as far as giving back to one's community and putting knowledge right into the hands of the youth.

"New York City is in our veins and this is what we do," Jones told The BoomBox earlier this year. "It's been cold for New York and it's been cold on the streets."

Jones' charitable moves are making things a little better during some tough times.