R&B songbird Jill Scott is the latest victim of celebrity hacking. Two images that appear to be the singer taking selfies in front of a bathroom mirror surfaced online, circulating via Twitter on Wednesday (Sept. 4).

We won't post the photos here but in one picture, Scott is semi-naked and wearing a robe, while in the other image she's completely nude and wearing some tights.

Scott addressed the authenticity of the photos in a few statements on Twitter. While she admits one of the near-naked images is hers, the other she denies.

However, the 42-year-old singer did admonish the hacker or hackers who illegally obtained the photo and posted it online.

After a huge online leak of celebrity nude photos occurred a few days ago -- Ariana Grande among them -- it looks like no artist is safe if there are nude pictures on their phone or computer.

Let this be a warning for everyone out there to be very cautious when taking selfies.