Jill ScottIn February, Jill Scott was hit with a breach of contract lawsuit from her long-time label, Hidden Beach Records. The R&B singer was accused of skipping out on a six album deal, which she signed at the beginning of her budding career, but Scott has responded with a cross-complaint suit against the L.A. based company.

When Scott walked away from her deal in October, label founder Steve McKeever filed a suit explaining that under contractual agreements, the three time-Grammy winner was still required to deliver three more albums. But in her countersuit, Scott claims artist protection under California's "De Havilland Law" that states an artist cannot be bound to a recording contract for more than seven years. Scott, who released her debut album 'Who Is Jill Scott?' with Hidden Beach Records in 2000, hit the company with several charges, which include tortious interference with contract, misappropriation of likeness and false advertising.

In a statement to Billboard, Hidden Beach attorney Lawrence Hinkle, said that the allegations outlined in Scott's cross-complaint are all without merit. "Jill's allegations also run to counter to her own previous public and private acknowledgments concerning Hidden Beach and its effectiveness in supporting and advancing her career," Lawrence wrote.

You can currently catch Jill Scott on the big screen in Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married Too?'