After releasing the remix to "Classic Man" last month, Jidenna debuts the visual for his collaboration with Kendrick Lamar.

Jidenna heads to the West Coast where he drives through the city in a vintage convertible. Dressed in a tailored suit -- from white to burgundy -- and cane in hand, Jidenna has a presence that you can't ignore. The singer is personable too, which you can see when he bumps into some friends while waiting at a stoplight.

Kendrick delivers some very confident lines and shows up in all black standing in front of a backdrop with the same print you'd find on a bandana. "I’m the only n---- doin’ it / You other n----s ruined it / I’m too legit, go Hammer with the foolishness / My nana said my grandma can maneuver this industry / Until I’m stupid rich and now I’m stupid rich, ah,” he raps.

Despite the lyrics, Kendrick is clearly having fun in the video and freely dances around with the singer.

After Jidenna manages to entice and pick up two ladies from a convenience store, we're taken to a warehouse party where Kendrick, Janelle Monae and Ty Dolla $ign are in attendance along with a whole group of people ready to get down. Jidenna and Janelle have a cute moment where she fixes his tie and makes sure he looks good for the camera.

“Classic Man (Remix)” is a track off Wondaland Presents: The Eephu, which will be released via Janelle's label, Wondaland Records, on Aug. 14. Aside from the K. Dot collaboration, "Yoga," his collabo with Janelle, will also be included. You can pre-order your copy on iTunes now.

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