If you watched Love & Hip Hop: New York this season, you're familiar with Jhonni Blaze and her wild ways. But rather than throw punches at unsuspecting women today, the singer is checking violent behavior at the door and opting for a more serene state of mind. She strips down for XXL's Eye Candy and has more to discuss than just the drama that constantly surrounds her.

In the interview, the Jamaica, Queens native opens up about her music career, which is what she's aiming to be recognized for instead of those fights on Love & Hip Hop. Blaze is working towards the release of a new EP, Cut From a Different Cloth. Originally scheduled for a March release, the project hasn't hit the market yet but it's on the way. "It’s called Cut From a Different Cloth because I’m not showing just one genre of music; I’m showing multiple ’cause I’m into [multiple]. So you’ll be able to relate to a lot of things with this EP -- love and pain and tears and struggle," she states.

Blaze, 24, is trying to ditch the negativity attached to her name as a result of reality show fame. However, she's aware of the black cloud people see whenever she walks into a room. While she has an issue with how she's perceived, Blaze is confident in what she brings to the table despite what others think.

"Yeah. I did it to myself, but mostly because I know I’m a way better person than what people make me out to be," she admits. "Not bragging, but I put my heart into it. Like giving back to the poor, giving money to different foundations, homeless shelters and taking care of my family, saving my money and investing in my music. There are a lot of positives that I do, but they’re overlooked by the negative that I gave off to people."

Watch Jhonni Blaze show off her curves in a behind-the-scenes video of her Eye Candy shoot and check out her what she's working with in the exclusive photos here.

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