Jhene Aiko is on her promotional grind as she prepares to her release her new album, 'Souled Out.' The R&B songstress visited Power 105's Angie Martinez to talk about a myriad of topics.

The interview began with them her speaking about being a mother to her 5-year-old daughter Namiko who is in first grade. That was followed by Aiko explaining how to properly say her full name: Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo.

Later, in the conversation, the Los Angeles native talked about being compared to Sade. While she understands why people compare her to the legendary singer, it's not something she strives for with her music.

“When people make those comparisons to Sade, I see that," she said. "I would never say it myself because people try to kill me if I compare myself to anyone that is that great.”

As for her new album, 'Souled Out,' Aiko says it's a mellow vibe with "nice messages and chilled-out type of music."

The conversation then segued into her sister Mila J, who is also a singer. The 26-year-old artist says they don't plan on working together anytime soon.

“We don’t. We don’t work together. It’s weird, but it’s not because we’re sisters," she says. "I feel like the style of music that I’m doing and where I want to go doesn’t meet up with the style that she’s doing and where she is now."

However, Aiko insists that there is no personal beef between them, it's just that they keep business and family separate from each other.

"It gets really messy if you’re working with family because that can mess up your personal relationships," she explains. "When we [Mila J and I] see each other it’s all about family. It’s not about ‘when is your video dropping?’ We don’t even know half the time what we’re doing when it comes to that and I think that keeps the personal good.”

Her Pandora playlist, her relationship with Drake and Childish Gambino and whether she likes to be called "tiny" are all included.

'Souled Out' arrives in stores on Sept. 9. You can catch Aiko on the Weekend's King of the Fall tour, which kicks off Sept. 19 in New York.