Jhené Aiko is back with her raw lyrics and sultry voice. Her latest single, "Maniac," gives us a peek into her upcoming 2017 album. We first got wind that she would be releasing a solo project when Big Sean announced they would dropping another joint Twenty88 album, while also releasing their own solo projects.

"I stay up all night for ya, I'm trooper/Call in a request, I pick up, pull up quick as Uber/Anywhere, everywhere, you turn me to addict/If you love me like you say you do then get it tatted," she croons on the sultry new track.

Aiko recently opened up about her life in a revealing episode of Vice Documentaries, where she detailed her rise in the game, and the pivotal moment that made her realize she needed to focus on her music career full-time.

“I remember one day I was just like ‘I can’t go back to the restaurant,'” she recalled. “‘I’m going to focus on this mixtape and see what happens from there,’ so it was like a leap of faith.”

As for her latest release, if "Maniac" is any indicator of what Aiko's new album will sound like, 2017 is going to be lit. Take a listen to the track below.


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