Since day one, Jewish rappers Chutzpah have used their, well, chutzpah to win over some powerful backers, including Debbie Harry and Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell. Now the entertaining trio have enlisted actor/fan Gary Oldman to direct a video for the song 'Red Rover.'

"When Gary said he was interested in directing a video for us, I was thrilled," says Chutzpah's Tor Hyams. "He's the only person who can be shooting three Jewish rappers on a basketball court and be making references to Fellini and Antonioni with a completely straight face."

The 'Red Rover' clip comes on the heels of a busy summer for Chutzpah, who just returned from a crowd-pleasing set at Lollapalooza. It was an especially triumphant weeked for Hyams, who, in additon to performing, produced the Kidz Stage at the festival. "We had Patti Smith do an exclusive short set, Perry Farrell and Pete DiStefano played, the cream of the School of Rock kids from around the country played Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin songs," he says. "And of course, Chutzpah, 'The World's First-Ever Jewish Hip-Hop Supergroup!'

"As a performer, it was extremely gratifying to be one of the wild cards of the festival. Who ever thought they would see Jewish rappers on a Lollapalooza stage?"