Save one exception, good things tend to happen when Miguel is involved with another artist's song. The latest example of this is 'Kind of Sometimes Maybe,' the latest single from Jessie Ware's upcoming album, 'Tough Love.'

Miguel has been said to be a modern day Prince because of his rock n' roll look and the sexual extravagance flowing from his diminutive physical stature. Miguel doesn't have a verse here, but his influence is felt.

Flirtatious preponderance combines with a warm, instantly inviting hook as Ware's soft vocals finds itself well withing its element. Like Prince's enigma, Ware uses her desire to playfully attract. This time, it's with a waltzing, easily accessible number.

“The British prude in me was nearly banished when I had to whisper sweet nothings for this track," Ware told Complex about the track. "This is all thanks to Miguel, the absolute king of sexy music and talking! There were moments where me and the BenZel boys didn't know where to look, he made it so steamy in the studio I swear to God. It was a really magic moment for me to work with someone whose album had been with me and replayed for so long. He was so generous and wonderful in the studio and now I think of him as extended family.”

'Tough Love,' which follows up her well-received 'Devotion,' will officially drop on Oct. 13.

Listen to Jessie Ware's 'Kind of Sometimes Maybe'