Jesse Boykins III urges you to free your mind -- especially when you're in a relationship. The soulful singer knows that good love also comes with the bad, a topic he widely explores on his new album, 'Love Apparatus.'

Drawing inspiration from his personal life and from those around him, Boykins penned all of the lyrics to the 14 songs featured on the effort. '4 U 2 B Free,' an ethereal ode to letting go, among them.

"['4 U 2 B Free' is] talking about a relationship between a man and a woman, a period of time when you're in the relationship and everything is a battle and it becomes a competition and it becomes a fight and insecurities are flared," the self-described underdog tells The Boombox. "This song is about basically saying that we love each other so everything that's pressuring us to be like we are right now, we need to let go."

How does Boykins suggest one go about doing this? Well, having positive communication with a significant other is the first step. "The only way for that to happen is if you have the concept to know that I want you to be free, I want you to be who you are, when you are, what you are as much as you want to be and I'll be lost in myself," he explains. "Like I'll be lost in the world with you being free. 'Cause I feel being lost means to be free, take risks, take chances, live life to the fullest."

Boykins is all too familiar with taking risks -- it's how he's arrived to this point in his career. After hitting the streets of New York City to perform 'Plain,' the first single off 'Love Apparatus,' the 29-year-old treats us to an a cappella version of '4 U 2 B Free.' Take a look at Jesse Boykins III in action.