Jermaine Jackson is stuck in Africa. While taking a trip to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Jackson realized that his passport expired, a situation that would normally be remedied by a trip to the U.S. embassy. But because Jackson owes almost $100,000 in child support, he is currently stranded on the other side of the world until he either pays up or is made a special exception from the government.

In May 2008, Jackson's baby's mom Alejandra Oaziaza filed a child support order against Jackson to pay $3,000 a month. As quickly as the order was filed, Jackson balked on the order, pushing his overall back payments to a staggering $91,921. In California, when someone owes more than $2,500, Child Services informs the FBI of the delinquency -- a situation that can freeze a passport renewal.

Jackson's passport will be renewed once he makes good on his debt, though the American Embassy has been known to make exceptions for U.S. citizens by issuing temporary papers in certain circumstances. In December 2010, Jackson's driver license was confiscated because he was unable to pay his child support payments. In September, he asked the judge to cut back his monthly sum from $3,000 to $215, as he was unable to afford the cost.

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